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What kind of entrepreneur are you?

Do you fit the profile of a Born Innovator, a Player, a Missionary or a Robot ? After research with several entrepreneurs in Brazil and in Silicon Valley, Headmakers outlined some successful entrepreneur profiles. This research is ongoing and changing, as well as the entrepreneurial world, therefore new profiles may arise at any time.

Born Innovator

The entrepreneur with this profile has always had talent for seeing opportunities naturally. During his life, sought ways to transform and innovate everything to make it better. Ahead of his time and always open to new thoughts, is thinking in new business ideas every single minute.


The robot simply get things done. Top employee of all the companies that he has worked for, has always been seen as a reference by colleagues and is the person everyone looks for to solve problems. They are fast and highly efficient, delivering highly qualified results.


The player has a long-term vision and is always calculating every move of his game. They have the ability to see the perfect fit for every piece of the puzzle in a company. They are tactical and creative thinkers.


People with this profile believe that they have a mission to change the world with innovative ideas. Usually they have large extroversion and easily persuade others to follow their values and ideals. Their enthusiasm and openness are great motivators for their followers.